The Extrovert Chair – San Lorenzo Library Edition

I’ll never forget my mom hauling us four kids to the Napa Children’s Library each week. Eagerness made me breathless as I hurried through the alley, lugging the previous week’s pile of books. I’d pause out front and marvel at the library’s cornerstone, which proclaimed the year of the building’s birth in1906. Then I’d enterContinue reading “The Extrovert Chair – San Lorenzo Library Edition”

Winter Bells

For the first time in months, I dragged the Extrovert Chair into the front yard today, and in less than a minute, I was in tears. I guess I’m out of shape. Oscar is a SUPER-friendly man from the Philippines. He gets around on a beat-up bike, and almost always wears flip-flops. He does handy-personContinue reading “Winter Bells”

Extrovert Chair Hits the Road: Back-to-School Edition

Twenty-nine years ago, a student teacher was placed with me. She was skilled in working with curriculum, and my fourth-graders liked her. But one day, she confessed that teaching was much more difficult than she’d realized. “I’m an introvert,” she said. “I’m comfortable engaging with one person at a time, but performing in front ofContinue reading “Extrovert Chair Hits the Road: Back-to-School Edition”