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The Extrovert Chair

Tackling social isolation by sitting in a chair

About Me

I teach third grade. During a recent “distance learning” (I prefer to call it “crisis teaching”) Zoom meeting, I heard myself say, “Kayvon, you can’t just start talking to your pet chicken when other people are talking.” Teaching has been weird.

I’m also a writer whose creativity has been stomped on by the spring of 2020. Normally, when I get emails from journals that have rejected my writing, I record the info and delete the email immediately. Lately, I tend to leave the rejections in my inbox for a few days, silent reminders that I used to write. Writing has been weird, too.

And I’m an extrovert. Who’s supposed to stay far from people. Like all of us. So I’m connecting how I can. This blog tells of strangers and friends I’ve encountered during Covid Closure while extroverting in my front yard.

(Find some of my writing at http://www.suegranzella.com.)


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